Saturday, May 14, 2011

You'll Sleep When I'm Dead EP

The Latest EP from The Cloud I'm Under is here! You'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Download or stream below

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All music written recorded and produce by The Cloud I'm Under

You'll Sleep When I'm Dead by Thecloudimundersleep

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radio Ending EP Out Today

Stream or download on SoundCloud THE CLOUD I'M UNDER

Radio Ending ZIP FILE

Radio Ending EP

The Cloud I'm Under Radio Ending by Thecloudimunder

The Cloud I'm Under announces the release of his latest EP Radio Ending AVAILABLE NOW Free. The 6 Song EP is a reference both to the eminent demise of radio and the good old fashioned song fadeout. This theme sets the tone for the entire collection of songs as well as the press photo and cover art. Download available below as well as a track by track synopsis.

Complete EP with artwork and press photo Zip File
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I Lost Sight
I wanted to start off with a slow jam. Lyrically it’s about losing sight of what’s important in life and the realization that not everybody is against me.

9 To 5IVE
I was trying to capture sonically the dread of waking up Monday and going to your 9 to 5. But in a catchy way, kind of like the “Love is a Battlefield” of 9 to 5 life.

The Art of Compromise
This song is about my chronic fear of growing old. There’s actually a clinical term for it, Gerascophobia.

Radio Ending
This thematically set the tone which carries over to the cover art and press photo. It’s a song about the eminent demise of radio and also a reference to the good old fashioned song fade out.

Why Can’t it Be Easy
I started this after geeking out over Thin Lizzy and their duel guitar action. I wanted a little of that vibe with my Guitar Playing and also wanted the programmed drums to feel really free and loose so I left the quantize off. The most tedious part was doing a million vocal overdubs of the word WHY on the chorus.

For All Time
I was listening to a lot of Neil Diamond and Blondie when I made this. I think you can hear a bit of that influence.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bury Me With Boots On

My latest song is called Bury Me with Boots On....... and here it is

Bury Me With Boots On by thecloudimunder

The Strokes Games Remix

Just did this remix of The Strokes Games from their upcoming album Angles

The Strokes Games (The Cloud I'm Under Remix) by thecloudimunder

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Erase Her (When I'm Dancing)

Erase Her (When I'm Dancing) is the latest song by The Cloud I'm Under released on the heals of Purr Pull (The Man Who Stayed on Earth). The title is a nod to the sonic influence of Erasure on this electro-pop song. A video for Erase Her will be available soon stay tuned.

Erase Her (When I'm Dancing) by thecloudimunder

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purr Pull: The Man Who Stayed on Earth

The latest 5 song EP From The Cloud I'm Under is available now

Purr Pull: The Man Who Stayed on Earth is out now and it's free! A five song EP of Electronic Pop that's off-kilter with a bowie filter. Download below!

1. In a Vision
2. Everyone
3. Beautiful Giraffe
4. Romance
5. Abstract

For Press Photo, Album Art and Additional info download the press kit
Purr Pull Press Kit

Purr Pull: The Man Who Stayed on Earth by Purr Pull